Ilya Rudomilov

Web developer, researcher

Ilya RudomilovI am a Ph.D student at Czech Technical University. I mainly work on my thesis, "Semantic P2P Search engine", related publications are listed below and in my Google Scholar profile.

Personal & Professional Profile

Currently, I am Ph.D student at Webing research group at Czech Technical University in Prague. I passed Dissertaion Proposal Defence in summer 2012, taught Java programming in Czech for 1 year.

Sure, there is some experience in server-side programming and maintaining (PHP, Java, MySQL, Debian), management of commercial and non-commercial web-projects. I work over 10 years on the Web, since my first self-bought USRobotics Courier about my 14th birthday.










Class-based Approach in Semantic P2P Information Retrieval

Wrocław, Poland, September 9-12, 2012

2nd International Workshop on Advances in Semantic Information Retrieval

Semantic P2P search engine

Szczecin, Poland, September 18-21, 2011

3rd Workshop on Software Services: Semantic-based Software Services


Student Grant Contest 2011-2012

SGS11/129/OHK3/2T/13, Prague, Czech Republic

Visegrad Fund In-Coming Grant 2011

Bratislava, Slovak Republic


Czech Technical University in Prague

Ph.D. student, Prague, Czech Republic, 2010-present

Ph.D thesis topic: "Semantic P2P Search engine"

Charles University in Prague

Podebrady, Czech Republic, 2009-2010

Preparing course of the Czech language for prospective Ph.D students. Certificate of B2 CEFR with grade "excellent" was obtained.

Irkutsk State Technical University

Engineer of Computer Science, Irkutsk, Russia, 2004-2009

Diploma thesis topic: "Adaptive Web site".

Diploma is recognized at Czech Technical University as Master Degree.

Computer School "INKO"

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia, 1999-2004

Several certificates were obtained:

  • Computer operator, 1999-2001;
  • Computer repair technician, 2001-2002;
  • Network administrator (AD on Windows 2k Adv Server, routing), 2002-2003;
  • Web Developer (JavaScript, ASP), 2003-2004.

Work Experience

Planner of Web Sites

Center of Web-Solutions

  • Period: August 2008 - September 2009
  • Job type: Full-Time
  • References: Vladimir Buzovsky
  • Place: Irkutsk, Russia


  • Designing structure of web sites;
  • Planning of Web sites promotion.

CEO and Co-Founder

Web Studio "Termit"

  • Period: February 2007 - April 2010
  • Job type: Part-Time
  • References: Myself :)
  • Place: Irkutsk, Russia


  • Full administration of several Debian servers;
  • Contacts with freelancers;
  • Developing of critical modules for company web sites (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Java).

News editor

IT Journal "Webplanet"

  • Period: August 2006 - June 2007
  • Job type: Telecommuting
  • References: Alexey Andreev
  • Place: Moscow, Russia



Web studio "Grafix Design"

  • Period: December 2003 - August 2007
  • Job type: Part-Time, Telecommuting (after moving to Irkutsk)
  • References: Nikolay Ushakov
  • Place: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia


  • Management of company and customer sites;
  • Server-side programming (PHP4+MySQL);
  • Maintaining of hosting accounts.

Computer repair technician


  • Period: Summer 2002
  • Job type: Full-Time
  • Place: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia


  • Maintaining of company IT infrastructure (printers, computers, internet connection).

Computer repair technician

Komandorsky Zapovednik

  • Period: Summer 2001
  • Job type: Part-Time
  • Place: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia


  • Maintaining of company IT infrastructure (printers, computers, internet connection).